An Adobe Acrobat plug-in that stamps graphical images on your PDF pages.

Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd  |  17 more applications - April 22, 2010
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commercial licence

Publisher's description

ImagePlacer is a very powerful publishing tool which allows you to stamp a graphical image onto specified pages within a PDF document. The graphic can be stamped as an overlay, or as a watermark. Overlays appear in the foreground of the appropriate page. Watermarks appear in the background of the appropriate page behind any existing text. Images stamped as an overlay can also be transparent. This means that the text beneath the graphic can still be seen/read.

Minimum requirements

• Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader) version 5, 6 or 7

Additional info

Operating system: Win NT, Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Server 2003

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2005-04-01

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